Rx Guardian INSIGHT & Results

PRIUM, together with its parent company Ameritox, can design an impactful and cost effective urine drug monitoring implementation.  Medication non-adherence is a critical component of mismanaged chronic pain and can lead to unintended escalation in doses.  Similarly during the process of weaning and discontinuation, urine drug monitoring plays a critical safety roll in determining if a patient is being adherent to their medication schedule or abusing their remaining medications.

Rx GuardianSM, featuring Rx Guardian CD℠, provides greater insight into your patients’ pain medication use than standard urine drug testing.  Together with your expertise, observations and other diagnostic tools, Ameritox’s Rx Guardian INSIGHTSM Report and Rx Guardian Results Report can help you make clinical decisions that may enhance the care of your chronic pain patients.


Why Monitor?

While most patients and physicians have the best intentions, a recent national study showed that, for a variety of reasons, many pain patients may not be using their pain medication properly. In the same study, more than 38% of the patients had no detectable level of their prescribed medications.

There are numerous reasons for potential patient non-adherence to their prescription regimens. For example, patients may:

  • Choose not to take their medication regularly due to fear of addiction.
  • Take too little medication, or none at all, because of the costs or side effects.
  • Take too much medication because of inadequate pain control or addiction.
  • Divert their pain medications – whether unintentionally or intentionally.

In order to reduce medication misuse and abuse, it is important to assess whether your chronic pain patients are adhering to their prescription regimens and taking their medications correctly. It’s vital information for assuring that your patients receive the right treatment for the best outcomes—and protecting the safety of both your patients and your practice.


Results and Interpretation Support

PRIUM’s Medication Oversight team is available to act as a single point of contact and to help the adjuster, nurse case manager, and attending physician interpret a urine drug monitoring report.  Additionally customers have access to Toxicology Specialists available by phone to help you  understand your patient’s standard score, how this score compares to our Rx Guardian CDSMdatabase and to answer important pain medication monitoring and urine toxicology questions you may have. These specialists have extensive background knowledge in areas including pain medication toxicology, illicit drug toxicology, and urine drug testing science and offer expertise on everything from the complex chemistry of possible drug interactions to the breakdown of metabolites to the potential impact of drug detection times on urine toxicology testing results.